Best Social Proof Software Tools In 2022

8 Best Social Proof Software Tools in 2022

Marketing companies are always trying to apply new techniques and tools to their marketing game, which is quite the norm. It is imperative to stay in business and get ahead of the competition. This is why a valid base of social proof is mandatory for any business or agency to gain customer support and become valued. 

Marketing companies spend a lot on ads and surveys; social proofing being the ultimate feedback of the company and product that people put their beliefs in. The right tools can make a tremendous change in how your business is right now.   

In this article, we bring you the top seven social proofing tools of 2022, each delivering the very best that they can. 


When a visitor looks up your website, the person needs any kind of proof that the website is trustworthy. WiserNotify is an effective social proofing tool that works in the best ways possible to give you a significant edge in growing your credibility. 

As per the survey, an average WiserNotify user gets a 17% hike in conversion rate. It gives you various social proofing notifications such as pop-ups, signups, and testimonies and comes with advanced CRO features. With all that, WiserNotify has served thousands of happy customers in several countries and has remained the number one choice for many. 

The tool comes with features such as – audience targeting, AB testing, conversion rate optimization, market analytics, web notifications, geo-targeting, etc. 

With all those features aside, WiserNotify provides the best value for money for the service you get. With that, they offer free trials, subscriptions, and free plans. 


ProveSource is a trusty source when it comes to effective social proofing. As customers always want some visual assurance that they can think about, it helps a lot in conversion rates and reaching new customers and visitors. Social proofing is the dominant psychology that marketing companies tend to leverage in their campaigns. 

ProveSource shines in a variety of strategies such as pulling more traffic and thus, generating more sales. It also combines all your website data into reliable, approachable insights that will testify to the credibility of your company. With more than 25 thousand happy customers from 104 countries, ProveSource remains one of the best in the business. 

ProveSource remains the best in various features, such as – customer activity tracking, hundreds of third-party integrations, auto-tracking, web hooking, etc. further, the software is integrated for mobile usage, too. In fact, you set the rules of using the tools and also customize the site. 

ProveSource is among the few software tools that offer free service for smaller websites. Their plans are divided into three sections – the first pack is free, the starter package costs 18$/ month, and the growth package costs 45$/ month.  


SocialProve is a social proof tool that plenty of marketing companies choose for reliability. It is an effective social proofing software tool that integrates many techniques and strategies to give you the best bang for your buck. SocialProve emphasizes displaying visitors, signups, testimonies, customer purchases, and customer behavior tracking. All of this works seamlessly and adds to a higher conversion rate. As full-featured marketing software, it works best with SMEs and start-ups. 

One of the main features of SocialProve is that it provides end-to-end solutions specifically designed for Windows users. More to that, it excels in market analytics, sales intelligence, AB testing, and more. 

SocialProve has a flat rate of 19$ per month for starters. They also quote their pricing upon the nature of the business and its requirements. Furthermore, they offer free trials and subscriptions. 


A company runs on public reviews and feedback. Testimonies tend to work the best when it comes to gaining credibility for your company, and it is the video testimonies that sell to the most number of visitors and customers. However, collecting video testimonials can sometimes be challenging, but with Boast, it is just a few clicks away. It sends emails and text messages to customers automatically to collect their video testimonies. Moreover, the forms are responsive and mobile-friendly, so a customer can create video feedback from any device with a camera. On top of that, the spectacular user experience they provide makes the customer take action. 

Apart from video testimonials, Boast shines in customer surveys, online reviews, user-generated videos, marketing and sales, and so on. 

Boast offers four distinct plans – solo, plus, team, and premium. The solo plan starts at 29$ per month, whereas the premium plan costs 249$ per month. All the plans start with a free trial with canceling options. 


Provely is one of the prominent websites for boosting social credibility online. It collects data from your website and integrates it using its various tools and analytics to give you the best customer satisfaction possible. Collecting and arranging information increases reliability – adding real-time social proof, urgency, scarcity, and more. All of that converts to more sales, as the tools are constantly working to turn leads into sales. Till now, Provely has worked and served more than 20 thousand websites and counting. 

Apart from turning leads into sales, they provide localization, pop-up templates, E-Commerce conversion tools, mobile integration, etc. 

All of the services from Provely have three categories. The basic subscription starts at 8.08$ per month, whereas the pro and ultimate subscriptions come at 12.25$ and 16.41$ per month. 


Do you want to increase conversions almost instantly? Then WPfomify is there for you. Spotify has been the number 1 plug-in for WordPress, and with that, they have designed several tools for providing social proof for your own business. They work on recent activity, conversion count, display recent customer activities, and also integrates with some other popular web plug-ins. All of that work out to generate more revenue. 

WPfomify excels at FOMO marketing; with that, they also offer powerful integrations, granular targeting, customer activities, client reviews, customization, customer urgency, and more. 

For the pricing, they have created three licensed formats – for one site, for unlimited sites, and a lifetime license. It costs 99$/year for one site, 299$/year for an unlimited site license, and a one-time 399$ for a lifetime license. 


We all have heard the word ‘FOMO,’ which means ‘fear of missing out. Well, marketing companies often rely on that to increase conversions. It is about creating an idea about a product that becomes mandatory to have for the customer. FOMO uses many such strategies to increase market reach, credibility, and trust.  

FOMO offers features such as setting rules for pages, sharing insights, geo-targeting, and much more. Till now, they have created more than 12Bn impressions. 

FOMO offers services in four sections – starter, essential, plus, and advanced, ranging from 19$ to 199$/ month. All the subscriptions come with free trials. 

Ali Reviews

Looking for smarter ways to get reviews? Ali Reviews provides the best tools to acquire social proof and increase your overall business. Their stunning widget design is made for the best compatibility across platforms. 

Their features include – brand customization, theme settings, display conditions, etc. 

Moreover, their service ranges from free to 49.9$/month depending on the plan. 


Thanks to these amazing websites and customization tools, improving your credibility and increasing sales are just a few clicks away. 

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