Free Prestashop Modules For Your Online Store

10 Free Prestashop Modules For Your Online Store

Creating an online store and growing your business is simple with Prestashop, an innovative and efficient e-commerce solution. But what if you want to create some custom modules for your website? A Prestashop module is a small program that allows you to optimize the functionality of your shop. Here comes the use of this article because you will learn how to build your first Prestashop module.  

Modules for social networks

It acts as a glue in keeping people together, sharing what they want, promoting what they like, and asking for recommendations. Using Prestashop Social Media Modules will get more exposure, huge fans, and higher conversions on these social platforms.

Do you want to integrate social media add-ons into your Prestashop store? Social media plugins help you build social engagement, drive quality traffic to your store, and increase conversions.

Prestashop Facebook module

Facebook and Instagram features in Prestashop are easy to use, so people can easily discover and buy your products. Optimize your campaigns by managing data for your Ads Campaigns, increasing traffic, and optimizing their performance from Prestashop.

It will allow you to connect your Facebook account with your product catalog and centralize all of your accounts. Using Prestashop, you can even create ads for your catalog, design them, and edit them inside the interface to attract new customers. Integrating it with Facebook Messenger can optimize the customer experience by removing barriers and adding additional features such as live chat.

Upon installing this module, you must connect it to your account. Some Prestashop stores automatically get the extension when they are created. You can find this module under the Marketing category in the catalog if you have just created your store.

Social media share buttons

Your brand and product can be promoted effectively through social media. Your online store can be configured with two important modules that allow you to add social media icons and ‘Share’ buttons. Account already provides you with this particular feature. 

Your back office contains the ‘Improve’ section where you can access it. Click the ‘Modules & Services’ tab under the ‘Modules’ category. You will find the option to add ‘Follow’ links and social media share buttons under the ‘Installed Module.’ 

Adding them to your social media accounts is as simple as typing them into the fields provided. In order for the changes to be reflected in the front end, you must click the ‘Save’ button after adding the links in the fields.

Modules for store management

Store management models allow you to automate or speed up the management of your stores. As well as handling mass operations like products, categories, orders, and customer data, these modules extend the store’s functionality. 

Additionally, it streamlines all of the advanced add-ons into one intuitive interface, making store management easier. All routine tasks can be automated for effortless store management. 

They can, for example, provide you with ready-made import and export tools, report tools, and advanced add-on features. Advanced store management modules offer multiple store management, database organization, and license storage features.

Prestashop Checkout built with PayPal

PayPal is not preconfigured into Prestashop’s store framework. A module is needed to integrate it into your store. Modules and services are available in your Prestashop store under the ‘Modules and Services’ tab. This module is free to use and receives regular updates. 

Click the ‘Modules + Themes Catalog’ button on the top right-hand corner and search for the PayPal Official module to add the PayPal Official module. The module must be compatible with the store version, and you need to be logged into your Add-Ons account. 

A Prestashop store might encounter an error if the module is installed with the wrong version. If that happens, it might be necessary to remove the file from your C panel. Once you have downloaded the right version, click on the ‘Add a new module’ link under the ‘Modules & Services’ section. 

Google Analytics module

A module that helps you with your Google Analytics is one of the most important modules you could have. You can get detailed information about the traffic to your website using this module. In order to install this module, you will need a Google Analytics account and a unique Tracking ID. Once you have these, proceed with the installation. 

Find this module by searching ‘Modules & Services’ and choosing the appropriate version. Continue by clicking on the ‘Save & Configure’ button. You may need to enter some information for Google Analytics at this point before proceeding to view the button to configure your Google Analytics API. 

You need to save your information and enter the key to save an authenticated account. To view Analytics data for the store, you need to grant access to your Google account.

Modules for marketing and promotions

With Prestashop modules, you can enhance and improve certain aspects of your online store. Online stores require that you take care of marketing, payments, logistics, and other business-related tasks. Installing modules that serve your needs may be the best way to include new features in your Prestashop store. Installing modules increases your online store’s cost.

Mailchimp for Prestashop module

Your Mailchimp audience is connected to your customer details through the Mailchimp module. Track sales with Prestashop data, create targeted e-commerce campaigns, and generate product recommendations.

Prestashop or higher is required to use the extension, and a PHP version between 5.6 and 7.2 is required. Your MailChimp account and Prestashop are automatically synchronized with the MailChimp integration for Prestashop. 

The integration simplifies communicating with customers post-purchase, recommending products, recovering abandoned carts, and calculating the return on marketing. 

Cross-selling module

You can even use cross-selling to increase your customer’s average basket with additional sales. This module makes it easier for your buyers to add complementary products or accessories directly from their product page. You can also offer your products in batches by creating packs according to the available stock.

Cross-selling module can automatically suggest products based on customers’ interests and display these suggestions on shopping cart pages, product pages, etc. You can use it to boost sales and draw attention to all the other items in your store.

Modules to manage payments

You can integrate a module that supports all the major payment methods you have integrated with your store. This includes bank wire, cash on delivery, check payments, mobile wallets, etc. Inside your admin dashboard, under the Modules & Services section, you can view and add new payment methods for your website and manage the ones you already have. 

Cash on delivery (COD) module

Through this module, your customers can pay for an order at delivery. A fixed fee amount can be charged on the order value based on a percentage of its value. It is possible to restrict access to this payment to certain countries, users, suppliers, etc.

Other benefits include configuring different currencies or carriers, setting a minimum or maximum order value, and more. This module must be downloaded as a ZIP file and then uploaded to your store like the others.

Blockonomics Bitcoin payments module

Allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments on your store and redirect them to your Bitcoin wallet without the need for additional paperwork. With this module, you provide your customers with benefits such as Bitcoin payments, updated invoices, and added privacy.

Modules for product pages

No matter how much time and effort you spend on promoting your site, it is the product page that closes the deal. Each component is important, but the product page is probably the most important. 

Best Product Customizer

With this module, you can add design customization panels where you can add images, text, or QR codes to all your product pages. It allows your customers to create their desired product and calculate the custom price.

Verified Reviews module

Adding Verified Reviews to your product pages is as simple as adding a button. Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6 come pre-installed with this module. Therefore, it may already be available but not activated, depending on the version of Prestashop you have installed. Using Prestashop’s AdWords module on your website will also grant you AdWords stars on Google. If used correctly, the module can benefit your site. 

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