Prestashop 1.7.8 Is Now Available

Prestashop 1.7.8 Is Now Available: It’s Time To Update Your Store!

Its robust features make PrestaShop one of the most popular e-commerce solutions worldwide. As new updates are released, PrestaShop gets better and better. Comparing PrestaShop 1.6 with PrestaShop 1.7, PrestaShop 1.7 has significantly improved performance. Thanks to its new features and significant enhancements.

Users of PrestaShop 1.7 need to be able to overcome the sometimes daunting challenges involved in building and launching their online business. This is the primary goal of the development team. All PrestaShop 1.7 users can now use the highlight features in order to deliver more high-quality website content and transfer it much faster.

Are you planning to move from PrestaShop 1.6 to the latest version but are unsure about the new version’s benefits? To figure out what we are getting into, we will look at the differences between PrestaShop 1.6 and PrestaShop 1.7 in this article. From this, you can make an informed decision. Read on!

What is the new Prestashop release all about?

Work continues on the security of PrestaShop software. A new security issue has been identified from information published on the company’s official press to the shop site. Also, a maintenance release has been developed. As a result of this new release, they have advised you to quickly back up your data and upgrade your shop immediately to benefit from these improvements.

In the bench version, they fixed a bug that caused the wish list cartoon to disappear on category pages if filters were used in faceted searching. Additionally, they have fixed the issue related to using search filters when using the blind SQLi.

In PrestaShop 1.7.8.x, improvements, and enhancements have been continuously implemented to enhance the user experience. Each PrestaShop version gets better and better as more and more contributors join.

In version 1.7.8.x, sellers had access to new features like improved user interfaces, faster performance, and technical improvements. However, PrestaShop’s newest release,, fixes some bugs and errors in its previous release,

New Features Introduced in this update include:

  • Implementation of the Symfony framework.
  • Modules & product pages have been revised to make adding and managing products, modules & catalogs more user-friendly and time-saving.
  • They’ve refined the “Create a product” page, making it faster, with better shortcuts, etc.

Is there any difference between Prestashop 1.6 and Prestashop 1.7?

Navigation in the back office

  • The UI/UX experience has been enhanced with an easy browsing back office.

Improved Modules Page

  • Better Modules Page to help with module management daily.

A new default theme has been released.

  • The default theme, “Classic,” gives your store a fresh look while enabling you to sell immediately.

Upgrading to the new version of Prestashop

The latest release of Prestashop 1.7 is crucial for Prestashop merchants since it provides a defense system for malicious activities, a user-friendly dashboard, improved SEO, and much more functionality to the website.

In the absence of technical expertise, you should decide how to migrate your store. The static functions of a website are always overwritten when using migration tools. If your website has custom modules and features, you may encounter issues.

An agency that has been working with Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 for years may be able to help you migrate manually. You will pay for it, but it will be done flawlessly. In addition, few companies have been working in Migration for many years.

There are also many reviews regarding the tool for upgrading Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7, and it is one of the most trusted modules for Prestashop users.

Why everyone is switching over to Prestashop 1.7

As a result, every time PrestaShop updates, it introduces new and enhanced features. PrestaShop did not disappoint this time either! This new version of PrestaShop 1.7 was designed to cover all the bases.

Php 1.7 is far better than Php 1.6

Performance indicators and other metrics have improved significantly, and I have listed them below.

Why is Prestashop 1.7 better than 1.6?

Powerful Dashboard

There has been a major improvement made to Prestashop’s dashboard panel. As well as being pleasant to look at, it is also convenient to use. With version 1.7, the dashboard has useful features, like easy navigation, better functionality, and basic notions.

New Themes

The 1.7 version of Prestashop has introduced a lot of new and attractive themes, and there’s a wide variety to choose from compared to version 1.6.

One-Click Module Upgradation

As PrestaShop provides an Upgrading All button, users can upgrade the modules with one click at any time. It is a new feature in version 1.7.

New Hooks Introduced

New hooks have been introduced to Prestashop so that developers can create their desired web pages more easily.

Optimization for mobile devices improved.

In PrestaShop version 1.7, the issue of responsiveness on all platforms has been resolved. Now users can access your account on all platforms, whether you are on a desktop or a mobile device.

Improved Translators

The new version of Prestashop has improved translations, thus allowing sellers to cater to a global audience by translating their websites to a wide range of languages.

Better For eCommerce

If you sell on the PrestaShop platform, then it’s recommended that you update to PHP version 1.7, as Prestashop will stop supporting PHP version 1.6 and lower.

UI Improvements

We enhanced PrestaShop’s back-office UI kit to have a solid Design System that allows us to adjust alert colors, font sizes, button contrasts, and enhance responsiveness.

Product Wishlist

Provide merchants with a native module to use on their own websites so that they can have wishlists. Customers can add the products they want to the wishlist. Using this feature, customers will be able to save products to their wishlists & purchase them later easily.

Support for PHP 7.4

With the release of PrestaShop, PHP 7.4 has been made compatible, allowing you to benefit from bug fixes and security patches released by PHP.

New Multistore header

Search for a shop and choose a color for the multi-store header based on the color of the related shop or group of related shops. Merchants can now interact with multiple stores using the new header.

Native Lazy Loading for images on Classic theme

A lazy loading technique defers the loading of resources that aren’t critical until the page has loaded.

Introducing some experimental features

Experimental features are now available in PrestaShop 1.7.8 (also known as “Feature flags”). Users who are curious or adventurous can use this technique to try out new features that aren’t completely stable yet.

Front-Office improvements:

  • The classic theme has been improved in terms of width, accessibility, and a few KPIs.
  • On the Classic theme, Native Lazy Loading is implemented
  • On catalog pages, the label ‘Out of Stock’ appears
  • The images on the Product Page for the Classic theme can now be swiped on a mobile device
  • On the Categories page, you will find subcategories
  • When a user visits a product page for an unobtainable product, return a 404 error

Back-Office improvements:

  • In the back-office, TinyMCE mobile themes are enabled
  • An override’s status is displayed in the Informations tab of a shop
  • The Order View page now includes an internal note for the order
  • Back-office users can upload avatars.
  • Fixed complexity of installing Prestashop with SSL, so all settings are considered.
  • Catalog price rules with percentage values exceeding 100% were possible.
  • It appears that some of the JavaScript code in Back-Office relied on the form fields’ ids and attributes that have been changed since 1.7.8.
  • The number of characters was only checked when creating a customer account on the browser.

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