Prestashop Review 2022 You Must Know Pros And Cons

PrestaShop Review 2022: You Must Know Pros & Cons

The PrestaShop eCommerce platform was founded in 2007 as an open-source project. It offers a wide range of features and is available in 65 languages worldwide. A powerful interface and an easy-to-use interface are available for online shoppers. As a result, it is a highly reliable eCommerce platform that enhances customers’ shopping experiences. The following are its pros and cons, which are different from those of any other eCommerce: 

PrestaShop Review: Overview

PrestaShop allows you to create free eCommerce websites using open-source software. This platform allows merchants to build it out to meet their basic or advanced needs. One of its most impressive features is its scalability. PrestaShop would be a great introduction to eCommerce for merchants with superficial knowledge of website creation. 

Due to its scalability and open code, PrestaShop does not require merchant expertise at its base level but will reveal its sophisticated capabilities when used by professional developers. Therefore, you basically have two options: install Prestashop and use its free features, or hire a team of developers to build a bespoke shop utilizing the code.

What is PrestaShop?

The best eCommerce solution in the cloud through self-hosting is Prestashop, which is free, feature-rich, and open-source. Over 65 different languages currently use it in hundreds of shops worldwide. While launching an online store requires some work, it offers impressive features and functionality. 

Prestashop sells services to its customer base for commercial partners in its business model, incorporating themes and optional add-on features. Shoppers enjoy the user-friendly interface of Prestashop and its robust functionality. In addition, it is free of charge and offers a comprehensive set of features. 

How popular is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a popular online business platform used by thousands of entrepreneurs. As one of the most famous shopping cart solutions, PrestaShop was established in 2007 and had offices all over the world. We can clearly see from our in-house data in 2020 that PrestaShop is a highly targeted destination in France and worldwide. 

PrestaShop Performance

You need a fast PrestaShop website for conversions and SEO, while a fastback office ensures effective management of your store. This article provides solutions for speeding up PrestaShop admin and resolving the slow website issue.

Your store’s performance depends on several factors, including your site’s optimization, the number of products you sell, and whether you’re using shared or dedicated servers. As a result, there is a list of methods to speed up PrestaShop to address each factor. Here are some of the most common and accessible.

PrestaShop Ease of Use

1. Build time

You can create an online shop with complete customization, aesthetically (fonts, colors, content types, layout, etc.) and functionally (back-end and front-end). To accomplish this, however, you’ll need the help of an expert in PrestaShop.

Although PrestaShop is not free, you will not pay for the software when you create an online shop with it. Other platforms, such as Magento’s professional edition and Adobe Commerce, do not have this feature.

Creating custom solutions for your online store is easier with PrestaShop add-ons. You will save time by not having to develop new features and functionality. An internationalized project will benefit from features such as multi-languages, multi-currencies, and multi-stores.

2. User-friendliness

It is convenient and simple to use the PrestaShop custom design. It is unnecessary to have the technical knowledge to run a PrestaShop e-shop. An easy-to-use back-end interface and a simple design make it a great choice for novice users. The website can easily be handled and maintained by someone with minimal technical knowledge. The number of plugins for PrestaShop exceeds 25000. A store can be easily created and operated with the help of these plugins.

Prestashop makes it easy to customize a shopping site. Adding and deleting features is easy as well. When a Prestashop website is developed, specific areas of the store can be customized easily due to its flexibility.

Prestashop’s payment gateways are one of its biggest attractions. PayPal and Google Checkout are payment options they use. You don’t have to worry about fraudulent activities with these payment methods. Secure transactions are also processed through SSL protocol. Additionally, Prestashop supports one-page checkout to make buying products easier.

PrestaShop Themes

Add-ons can only be downloaded or purchased on the PrestaShop marketplace, which provides over 6,000 themes, modules, and services, ranging from site navigation to social media integration, especially regarding themes, functionalities, and add-ons. 

As a result, you need to consider the additional costs for the installation of add-ons in addition to those associated with creating and maintaining the online shop. With PrestaShop, you can customize the store appearance by adding modules and themes from the Add-on store. PrestaShop is also supported and contributed to by many volunteers.

PrestaShop Modules

There is no charge for downloading PrestaShop. In spite of this, it is important to keep in mind that PrestaShop eCommerce businesses come with additional costs, such as add-ons (themes, templates, modules, functionalities, etc.), servers, hosting, and staff to manage, maintain, and modify your online store.

Its open-source counterpart does not include many of the features available in its counterpart. With this free version, you get just the basic features to run a medium-sized store but not advanced functionality. In order to meet your advanced needs, you will have to purchase additional modules, but you will have to spend a pretty penny on them.

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