Prestashop 9 : Features, Roadmap, And Release Date Information

PrestaShop 9: Features, Roadmap, and Release Date Insights

PrestaShop 9 has created lots of attention due to an upgrade to the e-commerce platform that is widely used. The community is looking forward to the launch of PrestaShop 9.0.0 Alpha 1 which was first announced in April 2024, and is anticipating the launch of the version shortly. This article will review the main aspects that will be discovered within PrestaShop 9, its development program, and the planned release date.

Key Features of PrestaShop 9

PrestaShop 9 includes new features designed to enhance usability, security and speed:

1. Technical Foundation Upgrade:

An Image Taken From The Symfony Debug Profiler In The Prestashop Back Office.
  • Symfony 6.4: PrestaShop 9 is built on Symfony 6.4 which is a major update that provides you with a better security and performance.
  • PHP 8.1 or greater The platform requires: PHP 8.1 or higher that will work with most current technological advancements in PHP.

2. Completely New API:

Improvements are made Integration Release of brand-new API makes it simpler to integrate PrestaShop with other applications and services, making it more accessible for developers.

If you wish to try the new API, read the article “How to use the new API in PrestaShop 9.” This tutorial will walk you through the process of using the new API, demonstrating how to establish a new resource, authorize the new API, and use it generally.

Completely New Admin Api For Prestashop 9

3. Back Office Overhaul:

Redesigned with Symfony Layout of back offices is currently being updated by using Symfony which will lead to more user-friendly and efficient interface for administrators.

4. Improved Front-Office Experience:

Improved Customer Experience: The updates to product pages like breadcrumbs, translations, as well as management are designed to provide customers with better experiences as customers, making the buying an experience more enjoyable.

5. Enhanced Functionality:

  • API Management: The latest API management tools will help you connect to external services.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Store Management The new features can make it easier to manage multi-languages and stores to assist businesses to operate more efficiently.
  • Cookies Security: Enhanced protection measures to protect cookies ensure greater compliance with data security laws.

PrestaShop 9 Roadmap

Understanding the PrestaShop 9 roadmap is crucial for anyone looking to upgrade or start new projects. The roadmap outlines the most important components and milestones that precede the release date:

  • Alpha Phase: Beta version due to be released in the beginning of April 2024, is focused on the basics and enhancements as and changes. This phase is crucial to get feedback from users and solve critical issues.
  • Beta Phase: The beta phase is expected to bring enhancements and features along with extensive testing to ensure reliability as well as stability.
  • Release Candidate Version: Version Candidate for Release has been tested and is feature-complete. It will then undergo testing to ensure that it is approved before it goes live. identify and fix any bugs that remain.

Final version of the Complete Release of PrestaShop 9 will be the culmination of many years of testing and development and is now prepared to go into production.

PrestaShop 9 Release Date

In the moment it is unclear when the date of the PrestaShop 9 date for release has yet to be publicly set. But, with the pre-alpha version out and the roadmap moving forward, the final version will likely be released sometime in 2024 or 2025.

Preparing for PrestaShop 9

To prepare for PrestaShop 9 take note of the following steps:

1. Stay up-to-date: Keep abreast on the latest news and updates of PrestaShop’s development team. Stay informed of any new features or changes.

2. Try an Alpha Version: If possible test the alpha version to get a feel on the ground, using the latest features, and give valuable feedback.

3. Prepare your store for upgrades Start planning the way you’ll upgrade your store’s current layout to PrestaShop 9. Be aware of any changes or third-party software you’ve put in place and the way they might be affected.

4. Resources and Learning: Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest version of PrestaShop by using the training materials as well as other tools offered by PrestaShop.


With improved performance, a new API, and UI improvements, PrestaShop 9 is expected to make substantial improvements to this eCommerce platform, offering merchants a better shopping experience for customers and merchants alike. You may better prepare for and manage the transition to PrestaShop 9 by being aware of the planned plans for enhancements and the anticipated release date. You can then make the most of the platform’s capabilities to optimize the performance of your online store.

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