15+ Best Free Presta Shop Modules For E Commerce Store You Must Use

15+ Best Free PrestaShop Modules For eCommerce Store You Must Use

PrestaShop is an open-source platform that helps you to create your online store in the easiest way possible. It is easy to use and even convenient for laymen. It also provides Amazing PrestaShop themes and modules to make your online store magnificent.

PrestaShop has amazing modules that can help you build a top-class eCommerce Store website. We enlist the best 15 Free PrestaShop Modules that will work very well for any eCommerce store.

15+ Free but Essential PrestaShop Modules:

15+ Free But Essential Prestashop Modules

Image Slider PrestaShop Module

This module has the following features:

  1. Provides an image slider for your products.
  2. Tweak messages to invite clients to your website
  3. Create unique banners targeting people of a specific location with banners in their language.

Featured Products PrestaShop Module

This free module comes with the following features: 

  1. Increments the product visibility of special products through a show of selected category products on your homepage which catches the eye of your customer.
  2. Create links for the products which they can click and check more about them
  3. Add large images that help to understand the product better.

Mail Alert PrestaShop Module

Don’t want to sit before your PC and follow up orders? Avail the benefit of this module that provides an email alert when someone buys your product. This saves time on going on the back end over and over again to check for orders. You can process the ordered products through email.

PrestaShop Clicktale Module

Want to check areas where your website visitors click more? Download this module for a heat map that helps you analyze where your website visitors click more. This helps to understand the conversion rate for products, and aspects that interest visitors and which do not.

AddThis PrestaShop Module

The module equips you with the power of social media. It helps visitors to easily access social media icons like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc on product pages and share these products directly on their social media profiles.

Pinterest Verification Module

Pinterest can help you demonstrate your products in a better manner than other social media platforms. PrestaShop requires a website developer to get your website Pinterest verified. However, the Pinterest verification module helps you do that in a giffy without a developer.

Twitter Card Module

You can use Twitter to update your products to your follower base. Twitter cards can be a great alternative to type in detailed information about your product rather than just a simple url. You can download the Twitter card module and enjoy the benefit of this feature of Twitter.

PrestaShop Optimizely Module

Optimizely is an amazing testing tool that helps you to make those small but important changes to your website. It does not require any technical knowledge of codes. You can download this module to try it out for your website for free and do the A/B testing.

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PrestaShop Opcache Module 

Opcache is a great tool to decrease the load time on your website. However, it is difficult to download directly because it sometimes takes a restart to clear caches. Download this module because it solves this bug.

Matomo Stats Module

Matomo is an analytics feature similar to Google analytics but with added features and a storage facility.

Google Analytics Optimized

Just Matomo’s Google analytics optimized module also comes with the added feature of a better page speed score. This is an important feature for search engines as well as from a visitor’s point of view.

Product Notes Module

As the name suggests this module helps you to put down specific notes about a particular product that is hidden from the customer. Such notes can be about shipping details, product specifications, out of stock details and a lot more.

PayPal Worldwide 

This module considers the PayPal Europe module with a few changes in it so that you can do PayPal payments worldwide with ease. It also has a google translator which translates from French.

Facebook Conversion Tracking

Facebook conversion tracking gives you insights about your Facebook ads this in turn helps you to get better market penetration.

PrestaShop Hotjar Module 

Hotjar is an amazing heatmap that helps you understand where your visitors are going and what they are doing on the website. 

Free OptinMonster Module 

OptinMonster helps you configure your forms, A/B test, check the reason for exit, etc. You can install this feature on your website for free.

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